About FHMC

Motocikli, motokustība, motoklubi - tā ir mūsu - motociklistu ikdienas dzīves un atpūtas neatņemama sastāvdaļa.

Bikes, the thrill of biking, and biker-clubs – this is our everyday life that we enjoy! This is such a big part of our lives - not just the machines but the new friends we meet on our journey. However we value and cherish our old, tested and proven real life friends. I think, that these are the main reasons why it is worth to live this exciting and breathtaking life of biker.

 Of course, our first priorities in life are our families, then our jobs but in the third place is biking or as we call it – repose. These are the main "joie de vie" which every biker has to keep in mind while establishing a biker-club and living biker life both in, and out of any club. For sure we 
also know that we have a commeraderie and respect other biker-clubs and their members even when we are apart.

Sometimes God gives us all these three essential things in our life – family, job and motorcycles. It is my personal opinion, that you are really fortunate, and in fact lucky if this happens. Such bikers life differs from others, however it has its own good, and few bad parts - it is beautiful for everyone who lives this way, and finds the way of the road. Contributing yourself to such a life you cannot ask more from any other person than you are prepared to ask from yourself.

If a biker is a true and enthused person, then he can overcome any difficulty even if he goes through hell. He only becomes stronger and more vital for his club. Anything that tries to bend or break us only makes us stronger physically and in moral an mental way. I attribute such quality only to those bikers who are pure in their lives and dedicated to fellow biker-club members. Sooner or later everything comes clear in our life, just the same way as any prize will get it’s winner.

And as you may already understand, only by taking care of your closest brother with pure heart who has suffered difficulties, and by asking nothing in return, can you receive pure and warm-hearted gratitude. This is the only way we fulfill ourselves, our lives and biker-motion as whole.